We stock over 4,500 bolts of quality fabrics from Andover, Benartex, Clothworks, Free Spirit, Henry Glass, Hoffman, In The Beginning, Marcus Bros., Moda, M & S Textiles, Northcott, P & B Textiles, Paintbrush Studio, Quilting Treasures, Robert Kaufman, Shannon Fabrics, Timeless Treasures, Wilmington and more.



Our shelves are overflowing with:

  • Batiks
  • Asian prints
  • Australian Aboriginal fabrics
  • Kaffe Fassett
  • Japanese taupes
  • Novelties
  • Black & White prints
  • 1930’s prints
  • Reproductions
  • Baby and toddler prints
  • Cuddle – a plush, cuddly, minky fabric
  • Flannels
  • Tone on Tones

The perfect fabrics for your quilts are waiting for you!

Fabrics Available

Buttercup & Slate, designed by Corey Yoder of Coriander Quilts for Moda Fabrics reminds us of when the warm sunny hues of late afternoon fade to gray and slowly turn to night. There are plenty of flowers, both large and small, to bring the colors of the sun into your home. Shades of buttery yellows, soft greens, pale grays, and dark slate is perfect for quilts and home décor.

With ivy covering the front of a brick house and lavender irises blooming every spring in the garden, Iris & Ivy, designed by Jan Patek for Moda Fabrics is about “home”. Floral and foliage prints in shades of lavender, green, cream and ebony are perfect for your next quilt or home décor project.

Au Naturel, designed by Jacqueline Schmidt for P&B Textiles is a beautiful collection in shades of earthy tones, textures and a neutral palette that is bound to soothe. The dreamy prints are minimal and charming while also modern and sophisticated. You will enjoy making something for a special little one, apparel for yourself or a quilt for your home.

Rendezvous, designed by 3 Sisters for Moda Fabrics is a collection that returns to a mood that is warm, inviting, and elegant. Delicate blooms, leaf fronds, vines, and shadowy ecru prints in an interesting blend of colors – dusty reds and green mixed with deep navy and lots of neutrals.

The world is filled with beautiful gardens, especially in the spring. In their signature style, Promenade, by 3 Sisters for Moda Fabrics is an eclectic collection that evoke formal, cultivated gardens, and those covered with climbing vines and briars. Colored in shades of rose, sunshine, blush, sky, and soft gray, the Sisters have created a bouquet that will suit every style.

Kyoto Garden designed by Chong a Hwang for Timeless Treasures Fabrics is a beautiful Asian inspired collection featuring cranes, butterflies, cherry blossoms, gingko leaves, Japanese text, and a large Asian floral. Colors of rich red, cream, green, and black embossed with gold metallic accent will bring a touch of elegance to your quilting projects.

A Yukata is an unlined cotton summer kimono and is usually worn in more casual settings.

Yukata, designed by Debbie Maddy for Moda Fabrics is inspired by her last trip to Japan where she encountered vintage fabrics, obis, kimonos, and yukata. Debbie is known for her Shibori designs, but Yukata is a more traditional line based on her visit to antique shops in Tokyo, a flea market in Kyoto, and her love for vintage Japanese designs.

Equipment by Delores Smith of Timeworn Toolbox Designs™ for Marcus Fabrics is a collection in shades of blush, sage, and ivory, highlighted by a large, lovely floral with Jacobean influences. The coordinates are dainty in scale and motif. The palette once again shows Timeworn Toolbox Designs’ color skills, in a group you will love for classis quilts as well as designs with fussy cutting to highlight the large floral.


Summer Breeze by Moda Fabrics is inspired by the sweet days of summer when warm breezes carry the scent of flowers. This fabric collection in the classic palette of blue, yellow, and white features dainty flowers, bold blooms, and paisleys, in a mix of styles ranging from Folkloric to romantic. Keep these summer bouquets all year with a Summer Breeze quilt and home décor.

Effie’s Woods by Deb Strain for Moda Fabrics is filled with kind, clever, curious animals, as well as ferns, mushrooms, and berries. The colors are soft, and gender-neutral – and the watercolor feel of the artwork is perfect for a cherished little one. Creating a project with this woodland theme will tell the receiver that “You Are Loved”


Bermuda Batiks by Moda will have you thinking of beautiful sunsets, pink sand beaches, tropical flowers, and glorious ocean views.

Batiks from Hoffman…always a favorite!

Beautiful, vibrant fabrics from the new collection of Kaffe Fassett Collectives by FreeSpirit! Brilliant color combinations, gorgeous floral prints, and abstract patterns with a contemporary look, is perfect for modern quilts, apparel accessories, or home décor.

M&S Textiles Australia is the world’s largest manufacturer of Australian Aboriginal designer fabrics. Australian Aboriginal or Indigenous designs are colorful, vibrant, and decorative. It is one of the longest continuing traditional arts in the world going back to over 50,000 years. In early days the Aboriginal people performed cave painting, rock painting, sand, or ground painting, etc.

Most of the Aboriginal designs printed have a Dreamtime story to tell. According to Aboriginal mythology, dreamtime is the time when the world was dark. A unique and interesting ancestral story which has been passed on from one generation to another through artwork is associated with each fabric design.

Tranquility by Makower is a collection of small ditsy prints in subtle soft greys, dusty pinks, and gentle blues. Five designs – cherry branch, blossoms, trellis, sprig, and floret – work together delightfully.

Little Ducklings by Paper & Cloth for Moda Fabrics – Charming. Imaginative. Whimsical. Deftly mixing soft, soothing colors with original artwork, Little Ducklings is the new palette for creating quilts and accessories with a modern feel. Little ducklings tended by their mamas mix with floral bouquets and foliage sprigs; there are duck walks, dandelions, and moon prints, all in warm shades of white, gray, blue, and mustard. Little Ducklings has no limit on the magic you can create.

Michiko, by Makower is a Japanese inspired collection, featuring iconic designs in a traditional color palette. Delicate touches of metallic gold, gives this group a rich luxurious feel. The beautifully detailed panel gives a variety of options to fussy cut and be creative or simply use whole. Five new coordinating colorways in the popular Linen Texture basic, complement the prints perfectly.